How to Stop Drinking Alcohol  

For some individuals, they take the alcohol so that they can feel good about themselves. Some take it so that the world may seem better for themselves while others find it hard to communicate when they are sober. The feelings of self-loathing, helplessness and fear are just a few emotions that accompany the alcoholic in this state of being unhappy. For most alcoholics, they lack control, or lack enough control, over their own emotions. The drinker may be unable to cope with the world emotionally and may start using negative emotions such as blame.

The alcohol is used to numb ones feeling, but the numbness is only in the short term and does not last for long. The drinking of alcohol at instead of making one better end up adding to their feelings a sense of failure and self-pity which will always reinforce one need to continue consuming the alcohol. The addiction to alcohol grows into a vicious cycle which hibernates the problem instead of bringing healing.

For one to break free from this addiction to alcohol, it is imperative that one takes back control of their life. Without control, one has no power to change. However, when one learns hoe=w to control and be in charge of their emotions and mental state, then that provides the opportunity of making a long-lasting change. Many alcoholics find this very hard to achieve.  

The good news is that one stops this addiction in the alcohol. Any alcoholic can learn how to take charge of their mind and be able quit alcohol. This is a message of hope to one who is in misery and self-shame and does not see the possibility of change. The trick to do all this lies in certain mental skills. By acquiring a right type of mental skill will enable the alcoholic to alter the way they unconsciously see the world. It changes, sometimes hugely and at other times subtly, the way this particular individual feels about himself and other things. Click here!

These skills can be learned easily and practice. One of the mental skill is EFT which is an abbreviation of emotional freedom technique, neurolinguistics programming or NLP as well as hypnosis. While therapist teaches the alcoholic, they are supposed to teach them these skills for self-application. The hypnosis mental skill is the simplest of them. Obtaining these important skills offers the alcoholic the ability and responsibility of becoming better. One regains the control. Above all persistence and practice are great skills one will ever learn. If you want to read more ways on how to quit drinking alcohol, check out